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Beauty and The Beast (part two)

February 17, 2012

When I made my first post I was talking about Beauty and The Beast. I’m going to continue that talk now. As previously stated, I have love Beauty and The Beast forever. Almost. I love the story of a prince being turned to a beast unless he can learn to love. That is amazing. I love everything about this movie from the scenery, the characters, the morals, and the music. It seriously makes me just want to live in a small village waiting for some fairytale to take place. Haha, that’s a bit, um, radical… Instead I’ll just daydream about it. Well…This weekend I will watch Beauty and The Beast, the commentary, and then the alternate version from when they first started. So hopefully I’ll have another blogpost up by…Monday. I’ll work on it Saturday or Sunday night. Like Belle, I am going to the bookstore, so until next time. :)

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