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Fairytales Found

March 6, 2012

Not that they were lost or anything.

I haven’t updated in forever and according to my stats, my highest view day was yesterday. I didn’t even post anything yesterday. That’s not good. Anyway, I have news…

So I recently found out, just last night actually, that 500 new fairytales have been found. Yep, that’s my news. According to Guardian UK, a historian named  Franz Xaver von Schönwerth was in Germany around the same time as the Grimm Brothers. Apparently they weren’t the only fans of fairytales. Decades were spent writing down different traditions, customs and history that were told to him orally. Jacob Grimm told King Maximillion II of Bavaria that the only person who would be able to replace his and his brothers work would be Schönwerth. Von Schönwerth wrote a book using his research called “Aus der Oberpfalz – Sitten und Sagen”. There were three volumes of it and it came out in 1857-1859.

Last year, Erika Eichenseer published a book of Schönwerth’s work called Prinz Roßzwifl. Eichenseer has since then found 500 fairytales of his work, some of which haven’t appeared in any fairytale books and others that have retold classics like Cinderella. This is exciting stuff, right? Well I’m excited.

Schönwerth added no extra details to his story to make candy coated. Unlike the Grimm brothers, he stuck to his facts and research adding authenticity to the tales. A committee called Franz Xaver von Schönwerth Society was helped founded by Eichenseer. They are dedicated to analyzing and publishing his work. Eichenseer is trying to get an english translation of the work. English translator, Dan Szabo has already started working the stories. There is one tale called “Turnip Princess”

In this story a prince gets lost in the forest and then comes to a cave. Inside the cave is an old woman and her bear and dog. The witch asks the prince to stay and marry her. Though he doesn’t wish to endure her, he couldn’t leave the place.

One day when he and the bear are alone the bear instructs him to pull the rusty nail from the wall, so he will be delivered, then place it beneath a turnip in the field, then he shall have a beautiful wife. The prince got the nail and the bear turned into a bearded man with a crown. The prince then says he will find a beautiful maiden. He leaves to go to the field, while there a monster appears and he drops the nail. The nail pricked his finger and he bled until he was unconscious.

After he woke up he realized he had been asleep a long time because now he had a beard. The he searched through every turnip field but could not find what he was looking for. A day and night pass. One evening he was sitting on a ridge beneath a blackthorn bush with one branch. He broke off the branch and picked up a large, white turnip from the ground and stuck the ranch into the turnip. Then he fell asleep.

When he woke up the turnip looked like a large, open shell where there was the nail. The wall of the turnip looked like a nut-shell, the kernel seemed to shape his picture. There was a picture of a beautiful girl, he continued his search. He finally came to the old cave in the forest, but no one was there. He stuck the nail into the wall of the cave and the old women and bear were there. The prince is angry and asks the witch where she put the beautiful woman. She then giggles asking “You have me, so why do you scorn me?”

The bear also nodded. The prince said he would not be the woman’s fool again. The bear tells the prince to pull the nail out and he does. The bear was already half man. The old woman turned into a beautiful and kind girl.The prince drew out the nail and went into her arms. The spell she was under had been broken and the nail burnt up. They then went to the prince’s father’s kingdom with him.

The end.

Now wasn’t that thrilling? Yeah, maybe not… Anyway, I’m super excited for these stories to get translated into english. Like super excited, I really can’t wait until they get translated. I would attempt to learn German just to read them, however I believe it would be a shorter wait for them to be translated.

If you would like to read the Turnip Princess verbatim or what they have as verbatim, you can go to this website:

Yep, okay, I’ll try to make my next post a bit quicker than like…a week and a half. Let’s all think about something for a moment…what if…Disney recreated all of these fairytales…They would never have to create an original work as long as their company is alive…Interesting thought…Except not because they would probably change half of the plot line, eliminate characters, subtract “inappropriateness”, etc. Okay, maybe i’m being a bit hard on disney…and maybe they need to come out with a new movie that isn’t a sequel, prequel, midquel, etc. Maybe.

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